Hoqook is an Egyptian online newspaper, both in Arabic and in English. It is a large network of journalists and activists reporting on human rights issues and development policies in Egypt. On January 2013 Hoqook became a FocusMéditerranée partner and opened the window "EGYPT, revolution goes on" in our homepage. |Hoqook è una testata online egiziana, diffusa sia in arabo, sia in inglese: una vasta rete di giornalisti, attivisti ed esperti di comunicazione che scrivono di diritti umani e di politiche di sviluppo in Egitto. Nel gennaio del 2013 Hoqook è diventato partner di FocusMéditerranée, aprendo la finestra "EGYPT, revolution goes on" (EGITTO, la rivoluzione continua).

Marches of Egyptian opposition: “Morsi, go away”

SOCIETY-HOQOOKEgypt. The revolution continuesby Fanny Ohier | Hoqook

Two marcheshave been organized on the 11th of February at 5pm, from Al-Fath Mosque and Sayeda Zeinab to Tahrir Square in Cairo.

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Three Egyptian activists targeted

SOCIETY-HOQOOKby Fanny Ohier | Hoqook

Freedom of expression. From iecmba.blogspot.comAccording to Al Ahram english website, the head of the Tahrir Doctors Association, Mohamed Fetouh, declared that association member Mohamed El-Qorany was “premeditated murder(ed)”. The young man, also nicknamed Kristy, was killed during the last clashes at the Presidential Palace, called Etahadeya, in Heliopolis (Cairo).
Mohamed Fetouh gives several reasons for this declaration of “premeditated murder”, amongst which the fact the young man was an influencial activist, one of the founder and a member of the Facebook page «Ikhwan Kazeboon» (Liar Brotherhood). Moreover, the young man was the only one shot this day.

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Egyptian government issues emergency laws as Egypt rises in anger, on the 2nd anniversary of the uprising

SOCIETY-HOQOOKProtestors in Tahrir square, Cairo. EgyptBy Fanny Ohier | Hoqook
“I want to salute the Egyptian police for their efforts to protect the people and public institutions. I also salute the army for effectively contributing to securing the country.” , declared Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. And indeed, five days after the beginning of the second anniversary of the revolution, the death toll in the clashes reached 50.

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EGYPT/ The masked protesters: the Black-Block

SOCIETY-HOQOOKblack bloc facebook pageBy Fanny Ohier | Hoqook

They appeared on the 25th of January in Tahrir Square, Cairo, in Alexandria and other cities throughout Egypt. They wear black hoods and only black clothes in order to hide their identity. They call themselves the Black-Bloc.

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