Two Syrians in Beirut


An international conference to find a political solution to the conflict in Syria has begun in Switzerland on the 22nd of January. Organized by the United Nation, the Geneva 2 – as it is called – is trying to bring both sides (government and opposition) to the table to end the bloodshed in the country. But peace talks are still weak … Today I would like to show you another scenario, where the Syrians are always the  protagonists and where a smile is still possible.

Two Syrians are strolling through Beirut and see in a shop window “Trousers 1 euro, shirt 3 euro”…

“Goodness!” they exclaim. “Those prices are really cheap. Let’s buy a few and then we can sell them in Damascus!” They go into the shop but only one of them speaks because the other has a very strong Syrian accent. “We would like 30 pairs of trousers and 20 shirts.”

The shopkeeper looks at them in puzzlement and asks: “You’re Syrian, aren’t you?” “How do you know?” they ask in surprise. The shopkeeper answers: “This isn’t a clothes shop, it’s a drycleaner’s!”

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