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FocusMéditerranée is an independent online magazine – blog format. It has been launched in 2011 by the Italian photojournalist Silvia Dogliani and registered at the Court of Milan, in Italy (n.182 on 31/3/2011).
It is a place of dialogue between the two sides of the Mediterranean: Europe – with its “Western” culture, life style and business models – and North Africa, the emerging markets following the Arab evolving “Revolutions”.
It is an exchange and encounter place between the brightest students from the universities of North Africa and European companies and investors.


News and stories: FocusMéditerranée explores what happens in the Mediterranean with a special focus on labor market. Three main sections: Society is dedicated to social and economical European models to experiment in North Africa; Migration covers migrants’ stories of success and integration, but also the daily difficulties of a new “start”; Culture is a mean to improve dialogue and mutual understanding through cultural exchanges.
Opinion: the magazine promote debate and open discussion. The section Silences is a way to enlight unknown stories, such as the economic interests of Europe towards North Africa: “exploitation projects” hidden behind future strategies of development. Many articles are followed by MY TRUTH: the author abandons the impartial role of journalist and expresses a personal thought on the related topic, as additional input for debate.


ServicesFocusMéditerranée offers, through the window Job and Future, practical information to readers who seek a future career either in Europe or in North Africa (apply for a job, write a c.v., look for new trends, do a market research, start a business …). Readers may take part to this exchange also by participating to our Med Forum – registering and sending their proposals, questions or contributions – or by commenting our articles.

Some of the photos and videos posted on were taken from internet, as considered of public domain.
If their author or someone does not approve their publication for any specific reasons, is welcome to contact our editorial office: [email protected]


This section explores what happens in the Mediterranean with a special focus on youth and labor market. It is dedicated to social and economical European models and lifestyle to experiment in North Africa. The columns Egypt and the Middle East Past and Present, of American reporter Norbert Schiller, Le Bistrot parisien, of Italian photojournalist Silvia Dogliani, and MedMedia of Italian sociologist Giulia Aubry are part of this section.


This section covers migrants’ stories of success and integration, but also the daily difficulties of a new “start”. It is dedicated to migrants of North Africa – particularly graduated university students – who decide to leave their own countries in order to build a new life and a new project of business in Europe. Some of them live now in Italy, some in France, some in other European countries. Through articles, photos and videos, they talk about their experiences and offer to readers different perspectives: business ideas of success and solutions to improve the integration process in Europe, but also concrete problems to face daily, both at legislative and social level. Along with those stories, there is also the “mixed love” microblog Aziza’s diary, a touch of humor inside the magazine: the emotional experience of the journalist Aziza al-Karima, who talks about the daily difficulties of a love story between a European woman and an Arab man.


Culture exchanges are valuable tools for improving dialogue, mutual understanding, and respect between the two sides of the Mediterranean. This is a space dedicated to European events, exhibitions, and cultural appointments with which North African students might get involved. Culture, the mirror of the Mediterranean societies, becomes a mean of reflection and democratic exercise for citizenship.


A window that gives light to less known or forgotten stories, as well as curiosity and low diffusion news and reports – as the economic interests of Western countries towards North Africa – but exploited by the media when they were attractive. Focusméditerranée draws them from the silence in which they have been abandoned. Facts are not a matter of short mediatic moment, but often need time for a comprehensive picture.


Readers may take part in this exchange by participating to our Med Forum – registering and sending their proposals, questions or contributions – or by commenting on our articles. All significant contributions sent to the editor are published here: business ideas, personal experiences, startup projects, testimonies, reports, suggestions. The journalist is guided by readers and uses the most important tool of blog and social network – sharing comments and ideas – giving it the right authority. Med Youth Forum is a blog dedicated to North African and European university students. It was started in cooperation with Professor Luigi Ruggerone of the University Cattolica of Milan (Italy) and it is meant to listen to young people’s points of view to improve dialogue between the two sides of the Mediterranean. The pilot project involved the students of the Emerging markets economy after the “Arab Spring” course of the University Cattolica on the debate on relations between the countries facing the Mediterranean. This project will be extended to Egypt at the American University in Cairo.

MediterraneanVoices and NotOnlyMed

Voices over the Mediterranean and outside this area: stories, visions and personal experiences.
Tunisia-Italia, andata e ritorno by Tunisian Mohamed Ben Abdelmalek, who lives in Italy: dreams and hopes of Tunisian migrants, who leave their Country to reach the other side.
Lettere da Tel Aviv by documentarist Beatrice Dina, who lives in Israel: reflections on how the Arab world is changing and evolving.
Guerre e paci by militar sociologist and journalist Giulia Aubry: social change in the areas of crisis.
In scena e fuori scena, by photographer Angelo Redaelli and Valentina Pensato: a different approach to the world of performance and entertainment: not only fun and pleasure but also a means of reflection.
Donne verso l’integrazione by Alessandra Bin: a collection of stories and testimonies of foreign women and migrants who want to get integrated in Italy.


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