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From Tunisia to the other side of the Mediterranean. The successful story of the Arab top-model Hanaa


Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, Paris. Ph. Silvia Dogliani

Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, Paris. Ph. Silvia Dogliani

I met Hanaa Ben Abdesslem at Img agency, in downtown Paris. She was not a cold, eccentric or “snob” top-model, but a simple and “normal” woman. She arrived without any makeup, wearing tennis shoes and sport clothing. She introduced herself with a sweet smile. I was captured by the way she moved her hands, by her femininity. She is Tunisian, she is Arab and  Muslim. She is also a famous young top model, who decided, few years ago, to drop her studies in engineering in Tunisia and follow her dreams and passions on the other side of the Mediterranean: become a fashion model. Hanaa is now the most quoted Arab woman in top level fashion. I asked her to give some advices to our North African FocusMéditerranée readers, who are searching for a future abroad, especially in these days, when Tunisia (and other North African Countries) is again facing violence and chaos.

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