The future of journalism


The New York Times is cutting 100 newsroom jobs to ensure long-term profitability because of disappointing performance of new initiatives such as news apps and native advertising meant to reverse declining revenues.
The French Newspaper Le Monde is changing its look: more complementary with the web, large format articles and more analysis and investigation.
The Italian Group Espresso is cutting costs, facing economical difficulties and needing to go on at the lower cost as possible. Which kind of journalism can survive today? Perhaps there are not answers to this question at the moment. From the 3rd of October until the 5th, the eighth edition of the festival ofInternazionale will take place in the Italian city of Ferrara. And there, you may take the needed inputs to find an answer.

Journalists and authors from all over the world (as Roberto Saviano, Amira Hass, Arundhati Roy, Marjane Satrapi, Noam Chomsky, Lucia Annunziata, Gad Lerner, Dana Priest, Hu Shuli, …) will join the festival – organized by the weekly Italian magazine Internazionale in collaboration with the Municipality and the University of Ferrara  –  with a series of free lectures and meetings on current events, culture, international politics, social changes and future scenarios of the world economy. 

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