European projects boost innovation potential of Morocco

SOCIETYalbum-gallery1588-4_ENPI-72_025“The hardest thing is to get a match between offers and demands in terms of research and innovation partnership, but when our Moroccan researchers integrate European projects, exchange and cooperation between the two shores of the Mediterranean often results in great projects”, says Dalila Loudyi, National Contact Point of Morocco for European environmental projects, during the Innovation Week held in Casablanca in March.

Many EU-funded projects in the area of Research and Innovation took part at the 3-day event, which offered seminars, trainings and a brokerage dedicated session, and succeeded in gathering, each day, more than 50 participants including researchers, entrepreneurs and representatives from public administrations, from all over Morocco and also from other countries of the Euro-Med region. All worked together towards a local and sustainable development in different fields such as energy, forestry, and health, and on how to remove barriers to reach innovation.

(source: Menfri)

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