The migration policy in France


In these days, the issue of immigration is quite “hot” not only in Italy, but also in France, where UMP, one of the main opposition parties, is trying to find a new trustable approach to the migration problem by completely rewriting the migration politicy.

Thinking about this, I have a new joke for you today …

“A small Arab boy is questioned at school by his teacher: ‘What’s your name?’ he answers: ‘Ahmed ben Nour!’ The teacher replies: ‘You can’t live in France with a name like that: from now on you will be Amedeo Benoist!’

When he goes home, his mother calls him but he does not answer and in the end states:  I’m not called Ahmed any more, but  Amedeo Benoist. I’ve become French!’ His mother tells him off harshly and his father even beats him. When he goes back to school in a sorry state, his teacher asks him what had happened. He answers: ‘I was French for only a couple of hours and two Arabs attacked me!’”

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