Women. As they are seen by Arab men


smileI was going through the Thomson Reuters Foundation‘s third annual poll of gender experts, which has been recently published and gives – three years after the Arab Spring – an interesting snapshot of the state of women’s rights in the Arab world. Focusing on the worst countries for women in the Arab world, where Iraq ranked second-worst after Egypt and Lebanon seventh-worst, I immediately reminded a joke which made me smile.

An Iraqi and a Lebanese have lost their wives in the crowd …

The Iraqi asks: “Describe your wife to me.”

The Lebanese answers “She’s blonde, has green eyes, has make-up and wearing jeans and a silk shirt… And what’s your wife like?”

The Iraqi: “ To hell with my wife. Let’s go and look for yours!”

P.S.: Next joke on Saudi women (Saudi Arabia ranked third-worst, according to Thomson Reuters Foundation’s survey).

Click here to get more info on Thomson Reuters Fondation’s third annual poll and visit the interactive map.


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