Amusing situations and extravagant cases

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The typical acts of Muslim worship could also be the occasion for amusing situations. The opportunity to meet foreign women during the period of the pilgrimage to Mecca even gave rise to a special type of poetry of courtship and the opportunities for brief encounters was not immune from irony: apparently a man, who had fallen madly in love with a pilgrim, declared his absolute and eternal love to her. ‘You should see how beautiful my sister is, she’s down there’ said the woman provocatively. When he turned round out of curiosity, the man lost every hope of being taken into consideration by the touchy lady.

The exaggerated scruples of some men who were questioning the experts of the law on extravagant cases did not fail to attract the attention of jokers: like when one asked an expert on the law: ‘If I get undressed to go completely into the water to be purified, do I have to stand facing Mecca?’ ‘You’d better stay with your eyes on your clothes – the wise man answered – otherwise you risk someone making off with them!”

Another man had heard that fasting on the day of ‘Ashura was equivalent to a whole year of fasting, so he did not eat until noon, concluding that “Six months are enough I think.”.
Lastly, one man, bored with reading the Sura of the Heifer (the longest Sura in the Koran), when he returned to the mosque and learned that the Sura of the Elephant (very short) was about to be recited, he ran off, exclaiming: “If it took so long for the Heifer, I can’t imagine how long it will take for the Elephant!”

Another man was whipped because he was carrying a flask on his shoulder that could hold wine: “But it was empty!” the unlucky man complained: “Yes – the torturer replied – but it’s still an instrument that can lead to sin.” “You also have an instrument that can fornicate and that you carry around with you all the time – said the first man,  but nobody whips you for this!”.

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