Arab ministers, Arab president, etc. etc.

SOCIETY-PAOLO-BRANCA[2]smileToday a smile with a bit more of politics

A certain minister had  to spend a night in a hotel in  Sharm al-Sheikh.  His personal secretary sent a telegram to the hotel manager, asking them to prepare a nice room, a good meal, etc. etc.  etc.  for His Excellency.

As soon as the minister arrived at the hotel, the manager took him to a room where there were three lovely girls waiting for him. The minister asked who they were and the hotel manager said: – They’re etc. etc. and etc.!

God sends the angel of death to fetch the soul of an Arab President, as his hour has come. The angel sets off, but takes a long time to return. The Lord is annoyed by the delay and when at long last the angel arrives – on his own -, he has been beaten up, has a black eye and his wings are all broken. ‘Where have you been? Why did you take so long? And where is the soul you were supposed to bring me?’ ‘Lord,” replies the angel, “the Secret Services caught me. They beat me up and kept asking me: Who are you?  Why have you come here? Who’s sent you??’ God, frightened, asked him: ‘I hope you didn’t tell them?!’”

“An Arab president who had been in power for many years and was now elderly, was asked: ‘Mr. President, the people want to know where and when you will make your farewell speech?’ ‘Farewell,” he asked in surprise. “What does that mean? Where are they all thinking of going?”

“An Arab minister visits an Italian colleague and sees that his home is very luxurious. He asks him how he can afford such a high standard of living.. ‘Use your head!” the Italian replied. Then he showed him the drawings for a bridge, opened the window and there was a bridge but which differed slightly from the drawings. ‘The difference between the drawing and the bridge is here,” he comments, patting his pockets. Some time later, the Italian returns the visit and notices that his Egyptian colleague is now even more well-off than he is. ‘How did you manage to get so rich?’ he asks him. The Egyptian shows him the drawings of a bridge, then he opens the window. ‘But I can’t see anything!’ exclaims the Italian. ‘Exactly!” cries his colleague. ‘I used my head better than you did!’”

During a Parliamentary session, an Arab President cannot  find the pen he always uses  to sign documents.  He asked the Minister for Internal Affairs to look for it, but when he goes home, he finds it in the middle of his papers, so he phones the Minister and says:
– It’s all right, I’ve found the pen.
– But Sir, what do we do now with the ten men who confessed having stolen it?!

Smile! See you next week with the revenge of poor!

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