Presidents in Hell, where an Arab dictator is tortured by Marilyn Monroe

Smile! To better know the culture and the humor of Arab Countries, today I have few more funny stories for you.

An Arab dictator has just ended up in Hell and, together with others who have been damned, is waiting to be tortured. When his turn comes, the guards make him go into a room where Marilyn Monroe is. At that point, the other damned souls start to protest and say: …

… It’s ridiculous that you want to torture him this way.
And the guards answer:
– But we don’t want to torture him… we’re torturing Marilyn Monroe.

In the middle of a square in an Arab capital there is the statue of a national hero. Addressing a passer-by, he complains: “Everybody else has a horse and I’m on foot!”. Highly impressed, the passer-by tells the President of the Republic what has happened, but naturally he does not believe him. “Come with me then,” the first man dares him, “and you’ll hear with your own ears!” Irritated, the politician accepts and goes with the man to the square. Seeing him approach, the status cries out: “I said I wanted a horse, not a donkey!”

In the bus:
“Excuse me, are you an officer?” “No”
“Did you perhaps marry a soldier’s daughter?” “No”
“Do you perhaps have a relative in the army?” “No”
“Then you idiot, stop treading on my foot this minute!”

Bush, Blair and an Arab President meet in Hell. The first, shocked to be with the damned, demands to be able to phone the CIA. Satan grants him his request but wants a million dollars. Reluctantly, Bush pays up. Blair makes a similar request and he is asked for a million pounds. He complains strongly because his currency is different but Satan will not listen to reason. In the end, the Arab also wants to ring home but the bill this time is only a few cents. When the others complain, Satan answers: “But it’s a local call!”

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