Thinking about war and conflicts

smileSyria, two years later…what has changed? Israel? West Bank? When we think about war, we may decide whether to be “for” or “against” it.

I prefer a different approach to show you “the Mediterranean I know”. And today I have another joke for you …

“Of course you lost the war with Israel: you didn’t move!”
“We weren’t not moving. We adopted a Russian tactic!” “What was that?”
“We were waiting for it to snow!”

An Israeli is on a plane with two Arabs on either side. The flight is long and they all take their shoes off. At a certain point, to relax the tension, he offers to go and get them all something to drink. When they are about to land, they all put their shoes back on and the Israeli exclaims: “If one day we really want peace you’ll have to stop peeing in our shoes… and we’ll stop peeing in your orangeade!”

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