A combination of political power and religious charisma

SOCIETY-PAOLO-BRANCA[2]smileThe best effect has always been obtained when the characters combine political power and religious charisma.

“The Caliph Omar used to roam around the city of Medina in disguise to take stock of the situation. Entering a house by surprise, he found a man there in female company and, what’s more, with wine.

‘Sinner!” he said, “did you think you could get away with this?” The other man promptly answered: “If I have committed a sin, you have transgressed the law of God three times: God commands us not to spy, to enter houses by the door and to say hello when you go into someone’s home!”.

A caliph of Damascus, having reproached a courtesan for having spent 1000 silver coins on a turban got this reply: “But it’s for the noblest end of my body! What should I say about you? You spent 10 thousand on a slave for the end of the body that cannot be named?”

The very wives of the caliphs were no better: the wife of Yazid – he was very ugly – is said to have told him: “Woe betide you if our son looks like you.” “Woe betide you if he looks like someone else!” the husband is believed to have replied in a fit of pique.

A scrounger invited himself to dinner with some of the Prophet’s companions, asking: “What is there to eat?” “Poisoned fish,” they replied, annoyed. He began to eat in a seraphic manner saying: “Why stay in the world if the holy Companions of the Prophet die?”

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