Between husband and wife


smileToday I have a joke on marriage for you.  A conversation between a jealous Arab husband and his young and attractive wife.

He, now well on in years and ill, asked her: ‘If I were to die, would you remarry?’

“I don’t know, dear, it depends…”,  the woman replied evasively.




“I wouldn’t want him smoking my pipe!”, he said. “Of course not dear”.

“Could you ever let him get his hands on my stamp collection?”. “Of course not, I know how important it is for you!”. “Then there’s my car… you know I’ve never let anyone else drive it!”. “It would really be impossible for me to share all this with someone else”, his wife reassures him.

Slightly reassured, the man sighs: “I really couldn’t bear anyone else wearing my slippers…”. “You really don’t have to worry about that,” the woman lets slip, “you’re not the same size!”.


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