Politics does not exclude humor

SOCIETY-PAOLO-BRANCA[2]smileFresh from the Italian elections, today I have a story for you on politics, which by no means excludes humor …

An American, a Frenchman and an Arab meet at an international medical conference and each of them starts to talk about the latest scientific achievements in their respective countries.
The American starts: “In America there was a blind man and do you know what we did? We took a cat’s eyes and gave them to him in a transplant.”
The others ask “And can he see now?”
The American answered: “Of course! He can even see at night now!”

The Frenchman says: “We’ve done some incredible things as well: we transplanted the liver of a pig into a man who had liver disease.”
The others ask: “And how is his liver working now?”
The Frenchman: “He can even digest stones now!”

Lastly, the Arab says:
“Well, we’ve also made incredible progress: a man had a defective brain and we transplanted a donkey’s brain”.
The others asked: “And how is he now?”
The Arab answers: “Very well! He became President and he’s still in office!”

Smile! See you next week with a bit of more politics!

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