Resolving the current political crisis: oppositions’ proposition


by Fanny Ohier | Hoqook
On the 30th of January, both Salafist Al Nour Party and the National Salvation Front (NSF), Morsi’s main oppositions, hold a meeting at Al-Wafd’s headquarters. The two political group released a statement in which they said they shared a common vision over the current political crisis.

Both political forces agreed on the removal of the Prosecutor General Talaat Abdallah, who was personnally appointed by the President Mohamed Morsi on last November. They asked for the dismissing of current Qandil’s government and the establishment of a new one, and for the formation of a committee tasked in amending the new constitution.

National Salvation Front’s coordinator, Mohamed ElBaradei, declared an emergency national meeting should be hold in order to end the ongoing violence. He wrote on his Twitter account “Egypt will not return its balance unless there is a political solution begins with transparency and credibility and with a government of national salvation in order to restore the security and recover the economy, and with a constitution for all Egyptians”.

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Though the opposition coalition refuses to meet the government to discuss the current situation if their demands are not previously met.
Their prerequisites, added to the ones mentionned before, comprise the necessity to meet with President Mohamed Morsi, Prime Minister Hesham Qandil, Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Defense Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi, and leaders from political parties, Islamist movements and the National Salvation Front.
Moreover, they asked the current economic policies to be changed.

Makhyoun, leader of the Salafist Al-Nour Party, specified that new Prosecutor General should be appointed by President Morsi, following the selection of three candidates to the post by the Supreme Judicial Council. Furthermore, he stated that Al-Nour party was against the state of emergency imposed by President on the three Canal cities of Suez, Port Said and Ismailia. But, he added he believed they were only temporary decisions, to be removed as soon as the political situation would allow the presidency to do so.

Oppositions’ propositions to end up the current political crisis did not receive a broad support from the protesters. Since the beginning of the anniversary of the second revolution, people took the streets without any clear political organization. Unlike the demonstrations in November 2012, the current protests seem to have no clear political structure.
The anarchist Black-Bloc group, whose members are threatened of being arrested by a recent declaration of the General Prosecutor, have called for a march on the 1st of February.

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