Three Egyptian activists targeted

by Fanny Ohier | Hoqook

Freedom of expression. From iecmba.blogspot.comAccording to Al Ahram english website, the head of the Tahrir Doctors Association, Mohamed Fetouh, declared that association member Mohamed El-Qorany was “premeditated murder(ed)”. The young man, also nicknamed Kristy, was killed during the last clashes at the Presidential Palace, called Etahadeya, in Heliopolis (Cairo).
Mohamed Fetouh gives several reasons for this declaration of “premeditated murder”, amongst which the fact the young man was an influencial activist, one of the founder and a member of the Facebook page «Ikhwan Kazeboon» (Liar Brotherhood). Moreover, the young man was the only one shot this day.

Egyptindependant reported that a political activist was “found unconscious” in a Mahalla street, in the governorate of Gharbia. The man, Mohamed al-Abyad, was found …

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