Marches of Egyptian opposition: “Morsi, go away”

SOCIETY-HOQOOKEgypt. The revolution continuesby Fanny Ohier | Hoqook

Two marcheshave been organized on the 11th of February at 5pm, from Al-Fath Mosque and Sayeda Zeinab to Tahrir Square in Cairo.

On the two-year anniversary of the downfall of the previous regime, opposition parties and movements took the street in order to remember the names of those who died since the beginning of the revolutionnary process. The Youth Movement on Behalf of Freedom and Justice, the National Front for Justice and Democracy, the Lotus Revolution Coalition, the Free Egyptian Movement, the Egyptian Social Democratic party, the Popular Current, the Socialist Popular Alliance party, The Freedom Egypt party, the Al-Dostour party, and the Free Egyptians party took part in the marches.

Different parties and groups issued a statement, as since he took office, Morsi did not make a radical shift from the previous regime. The statement says …

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