Photography Competition: “Egypt is the gift of the Nile”

CULTURE-PHOTOSNile River_SilviaDogliani_640The Greek historian Herodotus described the Nile by saying: “Egypt is the Gift of the Nile“. His words are now the title of a photography competition open to all amateur photographers living in Egypt and organized by the European Union Delegation to Egypt in order to promote and stimulate creativity and interest in this field.

Contestants should visualize the significance of the Nile River, an historic symbol of stability which brings life to humanity. All participants are invited to explore the different aspects of this vital lifeline and reflect on how it affects people’s lives.

Prizes will be awarded for the three best images: top of the line cameras and latest laptops.
The deadline for reception at the EU Delegation in Egypt is Friday 16th of October 2015.

Click here for all the information.

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