Egyptian cabinet approved the new draft law on limitating the demonstrations


by Fanny Ohier | Hoqook

Protest in CairoOn the 13th of February the Egyptian cabinet approved the new draft law on limitating the demonstrations, proposed by the legislative and human rights committees of Shura Council, the upper chamber of the Parliament.

As the Minister of Justice Ahmed Mekki underlined it in a press statement on last Wednesday, the interior ministry does not have the right to forbid protests, though the law does put several limits to the demonstrating process.

The conditions to organize a demonstration, specified by the new law, concern its notification to the Interior Ministry at least five days before its proceedings; the ability for the Interior Ministry to refuse it organization «for security reasons»; and other several bans concerning the proceedings of the demonstration itself.

Firstly, the fifth article (V) says that a demonstration may not be hold unless peviously noticed to the department or the police station, five days ahead of the proceedings, the precise time at which the demonstration starts and its constituency. Then the sixth (VI) article gives more precisions. The notification must include datas such as the place of the demonstration, its date of beginning and ending, the reasons leading to the organization of the demonstration, its demands, the proposed route of the demonstration and expected participation numbers and finally the names of three of the organizers of the demonstration, their addresses, and their means of communication.

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