Port Said: the second day of civil desobedience


by Fanny Ohier | Hoqook

Port Said protests. Ph.@Captramy

Port Said protests. Ph.@Captramy

On the 17th of February protesters filled the streets of Port Said launching a campaign of civil disobedience asking ‘retribution’ for those who died in Port Said’s clashes last month.

Last 26th of January, a court sentenced 21 Port Said football fans to death penalty for their involvement in Port Said stadium disaster, last year. The football match had caused the death of about 70 Ahly fans. As the verdict raised anger amongst victims’ families and friends, clashes against security forces occured in Port Said in January, leading once more to the killings of at least 30 people and at least 250 injured.

On the 17th of February members of the Ultras Green Eagles – fans of Port Said’s Masry football club – took the initiative to organize marches, to “realise justice for the martyrs of Port Said, hold police officers involved in the death of unarmed protesters accountable, formally include Port Said’s slain protesters among the ‘martyrs of Egypt’s revolution,’ and prevent the politicisation of the ongoing trial.”, as they said in a statement.

Heading to different state buildings – such as provincial governor’s office, local headquarters of Telecom Egypt, the city’s port authority … – the marches aimed to invite more and more people to join the civil disobedience, asking for the support of government employees and other workers. Rawya Rageh, journalist for Al Jazeera english, reported that there was a “Line of protesters outside (the) port (building)”, and that “they (wouldn’t) budge ‘until all staff come out’”. Protesters have prevented workers from entering the Public Free Zone since 8 am, a zone which counts about 29 factories. Many of those working there are coming from other governorates. Some decided to take part in the protest, others went back home.

Despite the end of the mid-term break, hundreds of high school students and teachers did not go to school on the 18th in Port Said. They chose to join the marches, remembering the death of Ahmed Sami, a student killed in last month’s clashes.

Here are some pictures taken during the 18th of February prostes.

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