This is a section dedicated to migrants of North Africa - particularly graduated universities students - who decide to leave their own countries in order to build a new life and a new project of business in Europe. Some of them live now in Italy, some in France, some in other European countries. Through articles, photos and videos, they talk about their experiences and offer to readers different perspectives. Are you migrants or do you work for this field? Write to [email protected] ([email protected]) and tell us your stories, your requests or your suggestions. We will publish them in the section MED FORUM. | La parola passa agli stranieri del Nord Africa - giovani studenti universitari in particolare - che decidono di lasciare il loro Paese di origine e raggiungere l'altra sponda. Attraverso articoli, foto e video, raccontano il loro punto di vista e le loro esperienze, necessarie a proporre nuove soluzioni per migliorare le difficoltà nel processo di integrazione. Vicende personali "positive", di chi ce l’ha fatta, ma anche "meno positive", di chi è costretto a scontrarsi quotidianamente con ciò che in Europa manca ancora, sia a livello legislativo, sia sociale. Siete migranti o lavorate per questo settore? Scrivi a [email protected] e raccontateci le vostre storie, le vostre richieste o le vostre proposte, che pubblicheremo all'interno della sezione MED FORUM.

Vision Med 2030, to shape the Mediterranean

Are you a young activist from the Southern Mediterranean? Do you care about the future of the Mediterranean? If so, apply to participate in the first South-South Consultation Workshop “Vision Med 2030”. Leggi ora »

Summer School on Euro-Arab Relations

From the 15th of July for five days the College of Europe will organize in Bruges and Brussels its first Summer School on Euro-Arab Relations, which include roundtable discussions, dedicated workshops focussing on skills, lectures, a study visit to EU institutions and opportunities to expand a professional network.

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The Next Society to launch your Mediterranean start-up

Do you have an innovative Mediterranean start-up to launch?
“THE NEXT SOCIETY Start-up Booster Track” has a new program that offers tailor-made support to help you become “international” and raise funds.

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